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ASTM A283/A283M

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Corporate group

Henan Shang Yi Steel Trade Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in steel sales and processing, cargo transportation and other services. It is committed to the production of wear-resistant steel plates, low-alloy high-strength plates, boiler vessel steel plates, composite steel plates, and extra-wide and extra-thick steel plates. Professional services such as bulk sales, warehousing, cutting and distribution. Products cover mining equipment, cement machinery, metallurgical machinery, construction equipment, ship equipment, power equipment, port equipment, transportation and general machinery manufacturing and other industries. The company's steel plate processing plant can cut semi-finished products and special-shaped parts according to user requirements, and can transport on behalf of customers. It is sold all over the country and exported overseas, and has won praise and trust from customers and markets.


Sufficient inventory can deliver products quickly

Our company acts as the agent of Wugang, Angang, Jinan, Xingang, Wugang, Xingcheng and other steel plates. The standing inventory is over 10,000 tons to achieve fast delivery to customers. Main products: wear-resistant steel plate, low-alloy high-strength steel plate, boiler and pressure vessel steel plate, low-temperature pressure vessel steel plate, carbon structural steel plate, hydrogen sulfide resistant steel plate, nuclear power engineering structural steel plate, steel plate for bridge structure, corrosion-resistant steel plate, composite steel plate . Steel plates for high-rise building structures, mold steel plates, steel plates for shipbuilding and offshore platforms, pipeline steel plates, alloy structural steels, etc. Specifications range: thickness 0.8mm-700mm, width 900mm-4200mm, length 3000mm-27000mm. Larger steel plates can be provided according to customer requirements.

Customized production according to customer standard requirements

Users can specify the steel plates produced according to the needs for Chinese national standards, metallurgical industry standards, corporate internal control standards, AISI, ASTM, ASM standards, JISG standards, DIN standards, BS standards, ISO standards and EN standards.

Processed according to customer drawings.

Shangyi Steel has 12,000 watts of high-power laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, which can provide wear-resistant plates, high-strength plates, extra-thick plates, die steel and other steel plates, structural parts processing, steel plate transportation and delivery. Factory and other professional services. Effectively reduce the manufacturing process volume in large-scale machinery and equipment accessories, gearboxes, rolling mill arches, bearing seats, etc., and save lot of manpower, material resources and energy for customers from the complicated procedures of steel plate raw material procurement, commissioned processing, and transportation to realize


Declining demand, rising stocks, steel prices rising again


By the end of the year, steel demand dropped again and again, while production and inventory gradually picked up, and the relationship between market supply and demand had changed. However, steel prices rose again after a slight correction. Today, the rebar futures price rose by more than 100 yuan, and the rebar spot price remained high. Today's rebar futures saw a shock of more than 100 yuan in the intraday trading, and once rushed to the 4400 yuan mark; in the end, the main rebar futures cont...
Declining demand, rising stocks, steel prices rising again

How long can the high steel price be supported?


As the Spring Festival is approaching, a new round of cold waves hits, construction sites in the north are greatly affected, steel transactions continue to shrink, inventories continue to rise, the off-season effect gradually deepens, coupled with the impact of the Hebei epidemic black swan, how long can the high steel prices support? Wang Guoqing, director of the Lange Steel Economic Research Center, said that the market is currently in the off-season in demand. Coupled with the epidemic contr...
How long can the high steel price be supported?

Hegang Wugang 9Ni steel passed the technical review of China Special Inspection Institute


On December 10, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "China Special Inspection Institute") organized experts to conduct technical evaluation of Hegang Wugang 9Ni steel. The experts agreed that Hegang Wugang 06Ni9DR steel plate has stable physical quality and excellent performance. Agreed to pass the technical review of the China Special Inspection Institute. This indicates that HBIS Wugang continues to maintain its leading advantage as one of the ...
Hegang Wugang 9Ni steel passed the technical review of China Special Inspection Institute

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