Sand Play Therapy

Sandplay Therapy – A playful place to reconnect with your Self

Sand Play TherapySandplay is a method for the therapeutic use of sand, water and miniatures that was developed by Dora Kalff (1980) and is grounded in the theories of C G Jung (1875 – 1961). During Sandplay the client creates a world with miniature figures in a tray of sand in the presence of a trained practitioner. This ‘child’s play’ is underpinned by a profound psychological and spiritual process. The therapy seeks to provide an environment where the soul’s natural tendency towards wholeness is activated, facilitating healing and transformation from the inside out. Sandplay is used in the treatment of both adults and children who have experienced disruption in their lives. It also provides a creative space, using visual narrative, for those seeking personal development.

Training and accreditation in Sandplay is overseen by the International Society of Sandplay Therapists (ISST):

Sheryl is actively working towards accreditation as a Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST), and is a trainee member of the South African Sandplay Society Development Group:

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