Mindfulness for Teens

A Still Quiet Place for Teens is an 8 week mindfulness-based intervention that builds on lots of knowledge on how to reduce stress. Each meeting is 2 hours long and held in Dorchester Heights, East London. Each week builds on the other, so attending each meeting helps with the impact of the programme. There will also be a longer session, on a Saturday, near the middle of the course.

You will be introduced to some new ways of experiencing so that you can become more aware of how stress and pressure show up. We will then be exploring possible ways for easing this. Some of the new activities introduced are: focusing on bodily sensations and movements, following our breath and thought watching, as well as paying curious and kind attention in the moment to things we do every day. There will be daily practices you will be asked to complete, and rather than them inducing stress we’d want you to be curious about any emotions, thoughts and physical sensations that might happen if you sometimes don’t get to practice. Lots of what we do is fun and interesting, and some quite weird and whacky. We want you to feel safe at all times. This isn’t therapy and you won’t have to talk about sensitive stuff. 


Spaces are limited to 8 teenagers per group


Many older people who enroll for a similar programme wish they’d been introduced to these ideas earlier. We are excited to offer it to your age-group.

The cost for the full eight sessions, plus half-day retreat, is R2 000 in 2018. This can be claimed back from most medical aids.

If you decide you want to join your parents/guardian will need to pay a deposit. We will then have a conversation with you and your adult so that we can answer your questions and you can get to meet one of us before committing to the course. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about what stresses you out and how you usually handle that so that we can get to know you a little better. If you come to the first meeting and then decide that you really don’t want to carry on we will give you a refund. After that you parents will be given an invoice for the full cost.

You can ask your parents to contact us or, if you’d like us to call them, please leave a message on the website contact page. Be sure that you have told your adults that you have asked us to contact them and why.

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