Educational and Scholastic Assessments

Educational and Scholastic Assessment TestsMany children experience difficulty in the classroom and can present with reading problems, poor concentration, delayed concept development, slow work pace or hyperactivity. Underlying learning differences and disabilities may cause barriers to learning and impact on progress in the classroom and early intervention provides better outcomes.  I conduct assessments aimed at estimating cognitive potential (IQ) and functional levels in literacy and numeracy. An assessment may focus on delays in developmental milestones, school readiness, identifying features of autistic spectrum, appropriate school placement, special educational needs, or special concessions for examinations. It can also provide a child’s pediatrician or trans-professional team with additional information about symptoms and features such as inattention or hyperactivity (ADHD). A printed report provides recommendations for further action that can be taken.

Please note that I do not offer assessments for subject choice or career choice. If this is your requirement please consult your local on-line or printed directory for alternate numbers.

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